Welcome to my Practice

As the owner and therapist at A Place For Me Counseling, located in the heart of LIttle FIve
Points, I have worked with hundreds of clients from different cultural backgrounds and various mental health issues.

My work revolves around meeting my clients where they are in a friendly, therapeutic and inclusive environment. My approach is similar to that of a vehicle that allows the passenger to journey through their insecurities, fear, shame, anger and sadness. Now, imagine the vehicle coming to a stop, allowing you to emerge stronger, more confident, resilient and able to face the world.

We all have experts in our lives. Experts help us do things better than we can do them ourselves. Who do you call when you’ve experienced a trauma? Who do you all when your anxiety is impacting your ability to experience a fulfilled life? Who do you call when you need support to deal with the issues that arise as a woman? Who do you call when you or your partner are about to bring your lives together or are thinking about separating? Who do you call when your children are experiencing emotional, behavioral or social issues? Who do you call when parenting becomes a struggle, or when you’re broken heart has become more than you can handle? There are millions of people dealing with some form of mental illness, but many of those people seek therapy after it becomes unmanageable. I want join you in your journey to emotional wellness as your therapist before you reach a place of shame, fear, sadness or anger.

Groups Therapy

Group therapy is a collaborative effort in which the facilitator guides the process of the group allowing members to share …

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Family Therapy

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