Group sessions can be as small as three or four people up to ten individuals. The groups meet once each week for up to six weeks and it allows individuals to receive the courage and support of a therapist as well as members of the group. The group therapy session is a collaborative effort in which the therapist assumes clinical responsibility for the group and its members. In a typical session, which lasts about 60-75 minutes, members work to express their own problems, feelings, ideas, and reactions as freely and honestly as possible. Such exploration gives the group the important information needed to understand and help one another. Members learn not only to understand themselves and their own issues but also become “therapeutic helpers” for other members.

Group Therapy Themes we have offered in the past:

  • Parenting Get-Together    Grief and Loss    Social Skills for Kids    Anger Management for Adults    Depression Support    Teen Talk    Mommy and Me     Mindfulness for Preteens and Teens    Expressive Therapy    Mom/Dad’s Morning Out    Parent Workshop for College   Social Skills for Preteens    How to Survive High School    Anger Management for Young Boys